Horoscope wheel chart

I believe we are all born with full accountability for the life we are about to embark on. In the life between lives, or pre-birth existence, we are given all the tools, insight and understanding to orchestrate the life we are about to live. We choose our family, our location, our socio-economic status, our gender and our race. We do this so we can challenge our souls to rise higher in vibration, allowing the Universe to continue to expand as we learn more and more of the true nature of being human. We do not choose the stories that will spring out of that life however, as we are committed to free will and quite willing to fall down and get a little bruised in the pursuit of higher vibrations. Just as we are born and enter human form we suddenly forget all about our plan however. It wouldn’t really be fair if we came with all the answers would it? Instead we come with a “cheat sheet” called the natal chart which is a map of the sky when we were born. Each planet inhabits a different part of the sky and according to where and when we were born, this creates an encoded system or blueprint. It is my job as an astrologer to translate that code into english for you. With this map in hand you can become more in tune with your human nature including what challenges you to live an empowered life of freedom and self-confidence. No two charts are the same, even with twins, so you are truly unique and special! It is my spiritual mission to read charts for as many human beings on this planet as possible. If you would like me to read for you, I would be incredibly honored.

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My “Cheat Sheet”