Recently I was having lunch with a very dear friend. As we chatted and caught up I found myself saying the following…

“Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to get about 5 of your friends together and I can read all your charts?”

Her eyes lit up and she immediately said she could think of 5 women who would love that sort of thing. By the next week she had them all lined up and we set a date.

Last weekend we had the first ever Astro Party! It was one of the most profoundly beautiful experiences of my life. We laughed, cried, hugged and had epiphanies. The sense of sisterhood and healing was palpable in the room. I have never been so honored to read charts in my lifetime. I am so grateful for these brave women for trusting me as their translator and being open to seeing themselves in an entirely new way. By the end of our party, their shoulders were noticeably more relaxed, the wine was flowing and giggles ensued.

It is my intention to build spiritual tribes out of groups of friends. Too often we exclude each other or fall out over miscommunications that can be avoided if we learn to understand each other’s unique gifts and ways of showing up in the world. I hope that these parties can bring groups of friends together so they can begin to support each other to raise their vibrations and live more enriched and empowered lives.

Does this sound like fun? I would love to offer my services at your Astro Party! If so please contact me at and we can get it scheduled. The cost is $30 a person and that includes a hand drawn natal chart.

YOUR READING IS FREE IF YOU ORGANIZE AND HOST! At our first party we will cover your Sun/Moon and Rising Sign. In subsequent parties we will walk through the entirety of your natal charts.