Desiree Thomas – Happy Valley, OR

Meeting you was one of the richest experiences I have ever had. The interpretation of my chart was MIND BLOWING & FABULOUS, but what affected me most was your energy. You have a gift to make people feel truly accepted for who they are. <3 I left with a confidence and awareness in who I am. Thank you for helping facilitate my visit with the Universal Chiropractor.

Dana Ticker – Portland, OR

Deborah has deep gifts when it comes to astrology and healing. She shares her rich and intimate knowledge of the elements, planets, and their transits and then translates that knowing in emotionally resonant and intuitively healing ways. The depth of insight and presence she provided for me in our work together opened up new pathways in my self-understanding and clarity of purpose on this planet. Every time she has done a reading for me it has been just what I needed and provided a powerful dose of compassion, insight and passion. She isn’t afraid to go into the depths to uncover the gems that await there and I am so grateful for that accompaniment.

Jules Moorhouse – Portland, OR

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Deborah Norton-Kertson for astrological readings. Deborah has changed my life and my outlook with her insight, knowledge, and clarity. She knows her stuff and she is the most thorough reader that I have had the pleasure to work with. Her skills in this area are impressive to say the least and I would call anyone “lucky” to receive a reading from Deborah. I have known Deborah for over seven years and my trust in her is extensive and she has always met me exactly where I am both emotionally and spiritually. Her ability to “tune-in” to the needs of others simply blows me away. I consider myself lucky to experience the guidance that I receive from her readings. 

Jessica Morea – Beaverton, OR

Deborah’s readings keep me going all year long! I refer back to them so often, it amazes me. The depth of information that I’ve received in my readings has helped me understand myself better and take chances I wouldn’t normally have the courage to take. Her ability to provide insights into a person’s super powers is inspiring. I’m starting to enter my mid-life transits and will definitely turn to Deborah for assistance in navigating this time of my life. I also can’t wait to have her read my kids’ charts. I’m confident that her readings will help me be a better parent to them and understand their unique gifts and challenges. I’m so grateful for her guidance and to know that she is there as a resource when life gets interesting.

Jeremy Loyd – Yakima, WA

Over the past couple years I have had the good fortune of having multiple readings with Deborah. Each one being extremely valuable regarding past, current, and future circumstances in my life. Deborah uses her advanced knowledge of astrology as well as her keen insight to help unveil the mysteries of the soul’s path. We truly did plan our lives before we came here and she helps show us our map. I am blessed to have been introduced to Deborah and her astrology practice and will continue working with her in the future.

Trisha Basler – Portland, OR

Deb knows astrology. I’ve had several powerful readings with her. Deb provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. She teaches about energy and offers guidance to find coping mechanisms for reading topics that are challenging. Deb reads passionately, with foresight and gives recommendations for transitions with positive and creative enlightenment. Most of all, I appreciate Deb’s astrology readings because her intuition is phenomenal, she is trustworthy, and her astrological knowledge is beyond reproach.

Wendy Jensen – Portland, OR

Deborah is one of the most gifted astrologers I have met.  From the moment we met in astrology school, I was impressed with the level of deep understanding she has for how astrology speaks to everything in life. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable about all things astrology, Deborah has the uncanny ability to look deep into someone’s chart and tease out the subtleties of information.  She is both intuitive in her approach and candid.  Deborah has a way of sharing information that doesn’t scare or confuse people or talk above them.  It’s clear that she has been doing this heart-centered way of reading astrology charts for many years.  She is thorough and detailed and yet invites the client into the process with her.  Deborah has taught several astrology seminars and they are some of the most informative and captivating lectures I’ve been too.  I can’t sing her praises loudly enough.